The TrueView methodology

TrueView stakeholder engagement strategy

Truescape’s TrueView approach to stakeholder engagement focuses on communicating three crucial stages of any major capital project to relevant stakeholders. To change a conversation with stakeholder groups, organisations need to effectively communicate:

  1. The big picture: being able to convey the overall strategy and the complex technical, operational and financial data behind it to key audiences like Boards of Directors, political and other leaders. It can make an enormous difference to the on-going effectiveness of the projects that come out of this strategy. That’s because key influencers who understand the big picture driving the individual projects are less likely to oppose them.
  2. The approach: communicating why a project might be developed in a certain area in a specific way. For stakeholders immediately affected, radical communication requires you to put this in context and be able to communicate the complex data driving the decisions.
  3. The impact: conveying what a project will look like and mapping out the potential impacts. This is where groups on both sides of an issue can be tempted to manipulate the result. Your ability to be as accurate as possible, and building a track record of transparency, is absolutely critical to the successful progression of the projects.

TrueView viSualiZation

Truescape has developed a range of applications designed to communicate these three crucial aspects of stakeholder engagement around major capital projects.

This methodology has been developed from hundreds of engagements on major capital projects across Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. It’s the basis of all of our projects, and differentiates us from other providers of stakeholder engagement advice and services.

TrueViews™ are human-field-of-view project visualizations and videos, showing stakeholders what a project will look like from key viewpoints objectively and accurately. Standing the correct distance from a TrueView™ image, a viewer can see a proposed development exactly as they would if the project were built.

TrueViews™ of utility scale projects educate stakeholders across project milestones leading to fast and informed decision making, irrespective of the ability to interpret technical datasets. By communicating complex data to stakeholders in an accurate but innovative way, Truescape helps you shift the nature of your engagement from an emotional argument to a rational discussion of facts and logic.

Watch this video to see how we communicate our projects